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Spanning the ages

Montpellier, France

Spanning the ages

David Bowden heads to Montpellier in southern France for its vibrant urban life and historic attractions

France’s forgotten jewel


France’s forgotten jewel

The Chateau de Fontainebleau may not be as well known as Versailles, but it is no less magnificent and is near Paris

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Holiday Lessons

April 09, 2014, France

Holiday Lessons

Add more shine to your next Parisian holiday when you enter the secret world of jewellery-making at Van Cleef ^ arpels' new school.

The scents of Provence

October 05, 2012, France

The scents of Provence

France’s lavender country is a treat for Marc Checkley's senses

Playground of the great and grand

July 25, 2011, France

Playground of the great and grand

The spectacular coastline of the south of France remains a favourite with royalty and aristocrats, the rich and famous, and artists of all i...

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Beauty beneath the strife

Hong Weixi looks beyond Bosnia and Herzegovina’s war-torn past to find a country rich in history and culture



See the flowers bloom

Koh Joh Ting shows where you can get the best views during the cherry blossom season in Taiwan

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Rockin’ the South

From Elvis Presley to country to blues, music is core to the heritage of the US South. Civil rights and slavery are also integral to the region's history

Mini Galapagos in Peru

Ballestas Islands, housing one of the world's largest seabird sanctuaries, are also known for penguins, sea lions and guano, or bird excrement

City of cafes and music

The best of home: Ambassadors to Singapore provide an insider's guide to their favourite destinations