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Picturesque Puglia

Puglia, Italy

Picturesque Puglia

Experience a real slice of Italy in the southern region, where locals soak up the halcyon summer days, fresh produce and fantastic wine

Hiking through the Five Lands

Cinque Terre, Italy

Hiking through the Five Lands

Audrey Ng explores Italy’s famed Cinque Terre through a solid network of walking trails connecting the quaint pastel-hued villages

A floating world

Venice, Italy

A floating world

Water buses are an easy way to get around Venice, but sometimes you just have to walk through its history-filled streets, says Seow Kai Lun

Roman romance

Rome, Italy

Roman romance

Ryandall Lim is swept off his feet during a whirlwind love a air with this ancient city

Lake Como on a kayak


Lake Como on a kayak

Take in the beautiful scenery around Italy’s third-largest lake on a kayak or on a bicycle if you are up for a workout

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From Elvis Presley to country to blues, music is core to the heritage of the US South. Civil rights and slavery are also integral to the region's history

Mini Galapagos in Peru

Ballestas Islands, housing one of the world's largest seabird sanctuaries, are also known for penguins, sea lions and guano, or bird excrement

City of cafes and music

The best of home: Ambassadors to Singapore provide an insider's guide to their favourite destinations