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Turkish feast for the senses


Turkish feast for the senses

The culinary charm of cosmopolitan Istanbul is a many-splendoured thing, where traditional cafés reign alongside a new breed of restaurants...

Seamless connections

Istanbul, Turkey

Seamless connections

Fly in comfort on Turkish Airlines to 271 cities in 109 countries

Floating back in time


Floating back in time

Sim Ee Waun ventures beyond Istanbul to explore ancient ruins and rugged landscapes and savour hearty local fare.

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Chan's World Holidays

Chan's World Holidays
Unusual Vacations

Blaze a Trail in Exotic Locales
Greece, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

Chan Brothers Travel

Chan Brothers Travel
7D Cairns Explorer

Fr $2138
Australia, Malaysia, Turkey

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Tour de Taiwan

Hopping from plane to train to boat, Jac Woo and her folding bike have a rolling good time with like-minded friends

Wat glory in Ayutthaya

A contrast to RYANDALL LIM Bangkok’s frenzy, the temple ruins in the Kingdom of Siam’s one-time golden capital are a pleasure to behold



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Say cheese in Annecy

The alpine town of Annecy is known as the Venice of France, but Suzanne Sng finds its cheesy dishes as memorable as its charming canals

Culture vulture

Christina Ching gets her cultural nourishment in St Petersburg — Russia’s treasure trove of art, architecture, culture and history

Delightfully different

KS Randhawa discovers that Davao City is like no other city in the Philippines with its litter-free streets, strict anti-tobacco rules and very low crime rate