Top 16 things to do in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is one of the most popular destinations in Colombia, has excellent weather, and is one of the most developed cities in Latin America. Medellin offers great nightlife, luxury shopping, fantastic restaurants, and lots of outdoor activities. Medellin is also home to the famous steep mountains, which is a siren for outdoor enthusiasts.

Medellin is in the Abura Valley and is surrounded by the beautiful snow-capped mountains called the “Cordillera.” The city of Medellin was founded in 1616 by Spanish conquistador Alonso de Santacruz Llanos. It is named after its founder. The city was previously named “Santa Maria de Los Angeles de las Aguas,” which literally means “St. Mary of the Angels of Water.”

Today, Medellin is home to around 4 million people, which makes it one of the largest cities in Colombia and South America. It connects you with nature and adventure sports like rock climbing, paragliding, and hiking, and it has always been known for its colonial architecture with street murals as well as its baroque churches. Some of the best examples include San Francisco Church and San Fernando Church (both in Old Colon District).

The city’s culture is very diverse as most of Colombia’s main ethnic groups live in Medellin, like indigenous groups, Afro-Colombians, and the Spanish. The architecture in Medellin is a blend of all these cultures, which makes it very unique. The city also has a rich history in soccer, which is the most popular sport in Colombia.

Today, Medellin is a modern city that offers a wide range of activities and services, with excellent infrastructure and a perfect climate. Medellin has also become a hot spot for international artists because of its music scene and culture. I visited Medellin a while back and enjoyed every single minute of my trip. Here are ten things to do in Medellin that I recommend.

Visit Santo Domingo and Biblioteca España

Santo Domingo (“Holy Mary”) is one of the top attractions in Medellin. It is a church with very beautiful architecture and murals showing this church’s history. The church was built in 1881 and had a very big congregation, making it an attraction for locals and tourists. In addition, this church has been responsible for many discoveries and advances in medicine over the years.

Biblioteca España (“Spanish Library”) is one of the oldest libraries in Latin America, dating back to 1738. It has some of the most beautiful architecture in Colombia, with more than 40,000 books dating back to the 17th century. Many people visit this library to study, research, or enjoy the richness and beauty of this historical building.

Visit Medellin’s Aburra Valley

Sierra Valley is a region that has been known for its agriculture in Colombia’s history. This valley is home to many coffee plantations and villages, making it one of the most visited. The main attractions include Pueblito Paisa, which is a village that offers tours around their homes and workshops.

Pueblo Paisa is a village in Medellin, Colombia, where the traditional houses of the farmers and artisans are preserved and have been converted mostly into museums. The houses are made of clay bricks called adobe. There are many houses like this in Medellin’s Abura valley. You will find many tourist attractions like coffee plantations, butterfly farms, etc.

Visit the old Colon District

Colon District is a historic district full of colonial-era structures and churches. This area is next to the historic city center and offers many tours to discover its history. It is also worth visiting because of its architecture and its colorful neighborhoods. The neighborhood of Antioquia hosts some of the most beautiful colonial buildings, which date back to the 17th century.

One of these colonial buildings is San Fernando Church, which was built between 1733 and 1750. This church has a beautiful baroque facade, with two bell towers that were later additions (one in 1878 and another in 2010). Another incredible colonial building is the San Francisco Church. This church was built in 1791 and had a beautiful dome with six pillars resting on an octagonal base. It is one of the best examples of baroque architecture in Colombia.

Take a tour to Parque Arvi

This park has a beautiful landscape and offers wonderful hiking trails to discover the nature and wildlife of this region. It is a great place if you love photography or birdwatching, as it is home to over 300 species of birds, which makes it one of the top birdwatching attractions in South America. You can also take tours of the gardens with many exotic and native Colombian flowers.

Get lost in the streets of Parque Berrio

Parque Berrio is a park located in the center of Medellin, and it has a great location for nightlife. This park is full of street art, making it one of the top attractions for tourists and locals. The park has bars and restaurants, with beautiful architecture, which makes it one of my favorite places in Medellin. The park is also famous for its street murals which are an important part of Colombian culture.

Explore the Magic of El Poblado

El Poblado is a neighborhood that has some of the best places to make you feel at home during your stay in Medellin. This neighborhood has become a trendsetter in Colombia over the years, with some excellent restaurants and bars in this area. You will find many cultural events and famous artists on this side of Medellin, like La Bomba or Soda Stereo.

Take a Photo at the Observatorio del Piraque

The Observatorio del Piraque is one of the best viewpoints in Medellin, and it is located on the top of a hill with incredible views of the city. It has been described as one of Colombia’s best sunset spots, but you can enjoy this view day or night. This viewpoint offers amazing 360-degree views of Medellin and surrounding areas, making it one of Colombia’s best attractions.

Visit La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino is the oldest hotel in Colombia, dating back to 1858. This hotel has a very rich history, and many famous people have stayed here during their trips to Medellin. The hotel is currently owned by a famous Colombian singer, Shakira. This location offers peace and tranquility, with plenty of activities like yoga classes and different types of massages.

In addition to its services, this hotel has a wonderful restaurant with delicious vegetarian food that you should definitely try if you visit Medellin. The restaurant has a terrace on the top of the building, which is a great place to enjoy your meals during your stay.

Visit La Candelaria and the Necropolis

La Candelaria is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Medellin, and it has an interesting history with many cultural events in its streets. La Candelaria was also an important destination for freedom fighters during conflicts between Colombia’s police force and guerillas, like in 1985 and 1992. This neighborhood is full of culture, art, and architecture, which makes it one of my favorite places to explore in Medellin. The Necropolis is located so close to Medellin’s historic center that it makes this space a great place to visit. This long-standing attraction offers a wonderful walking tour through the cemetery, filled with different mausoleums and tombs dating back to the colonial era. There are also many monuments to remember the victims of the Colombian civil war that still are there.

Energetically Explore Parque Lleras

This park offers incredible views of Medellín and its surroundings, like the hills and rivers. The park is full of large trees, small fields, and beautiful nature. It is also an excellent picnic spot, with many benches and space to relax. A park is also a place where art lovers can find modern art mixed in with traditional paintings and sculptures.

Study at the Museo de Arte Moderno

The Museo de Arte Moderno has one of the most important collections of contemporary art in all of South America. This museum has works by Colombian artists like Eduardo Chillida, and Fernando Botero, among others. It also offers many workshops and educational programs and has a great location in Parque Lleras.

Visit the Museo Experimental Interactivo

The Museo Experimental Interactivo is a museum that is a part of the Universidad de Medellin, but it is also open to the public. This institution offers workshops in several artistic practices and research areas, providing different learning experiences for young people and adults alike. Some of these workshops are related to music, cinema, theater, and dance.

This museum is located in Universidad de Medellin’s Parque Lleras, which means that it has many opportunities for visitors to explore the buildings and other parts of this area at the same time. This institution offers many workshops and exhibitions throughout the year as well.

Bring Your Kids to the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are located close to San Pedro Alejandrino in Medellín, and they were founded in 1872 by Eugenio Garrafa. The gardens offer amazing walks through the botanic gardens, along with pools, walking paths, and greenhouses, where you can enjoy a nice swim or relax while reading a book. There is also an amphitheater onsite where you can enjoy cultural performances from different countries around the world, such as Japan or Germany.

Visit Museo de Antioquia

Museo de Antioquia is a wonderful museum located in the downtown area of Medellin. This museum developed from an institution that was created in 1824. The Museo de Antioquia has the largest collection of pre-Colombian artifacts around, and it also offers activities like workshops and seminars on many different subjects.

Watch the Sunset at Alto de Menegua

Alto de Menegua is one of the best places to admire a sunset in all of Medellin, with its beautiful views of the city and its surroundings. The sunset from this hill is a great way to end your day in Medellin. The view from here also offers good spots to watch the sunrise, which is always a great way to start your day in Medellin.

Enjoy the Nightlife at Plaza de Mercado San Francisco

Plaza de Mercado San Francisco is one of the most popular places in all of Medellin to have a drink and relax, either during the day or at night. This plaza offers many services for people who want to enjoy their time on the weekends and during the week as well. The plaza offers some stores with unique products, a library, and a restaurant, which makes this space a great place to spend your day in Medellin.

In conclusion, there are very many things to do in Medellin, whether you want to enjoy its natural beauty, cultural attractions, or nightlife. The city’s cultural center is full of art, music, and other types of activities, which makes this city a great place to visit.

Medellin is also great for enjoying coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in a relaxed setting. Therefore, it is the perfect city to visit if you are interested in art, history, and nature. The people of Medellin are also very nice and helpful.

If you want to visit this beautiful city, make sure you book your flight with a trusted company that can guarantee you comfort and safety. A company with an excellent reputation will also allow you to enjoy every moment of your trip.

To get around the city, there are buses, Metro, and taxis as well. It is also very easy to find a hotel or hostel to stay in during your visit. Medellin is a big city, but you can get around it easily with public transportation. The buses are comfortable and safe, and they make many stops along their route so you can enjoy great views of the city’s landmarks. Moreover, if you need a taxi, they will be quick and safe during your ride as well. If you are planning to visit, this list of things to do in Medellin will guide you through.