Top 10 things to do in Nice, France

Let’s face it, when we talk about visiting France, the first cities that spring into your mind are Paris and Marseille. Known as “the City of Love”, Paris is France’s largest city with a lot to offer. Marseille is not far behind either. It too has plenty of activities that leave even the most hard-to-please tourists grinning ear to ear. While a good number of people rarely include Nice in their bucket list, you will be surprised by just how much is in this city.

Although underrated, the city of Nice is gorgeous and romantic at the same time. In fact, it is not an overstatement to say that the kind of fun you will experience when you come to Nice is almost similar to that Paris and Marseille offer. Nice is France’s seventh largest city, which means it is definitely not a small place. In fact, if we were to rank the French Riviera’s cities based on size, then Nice will come top. This means there are several things to do here.

The city of Nice was founded around 350 BCE by the Phocaeans of Marseille, who were a colony of Greek Mariners. It is believed that Nice, which is spelled as “Neese”, was named in honor of a victory over a neighboring colony. Although it was founded a long time ago, Nice became part of France in 1860. This was after it was handed over as part of the Treaty of Turin. Since becoming part of France over 150 years ago, Nice has continued to develop. Today, it is an artistic center and a stunning tourist destination.

According to most tourists, Nice has a relaxed vibe that makes everyone comfortable. But it’s not just the vibe that makes Nice popular; there are also pristine beaches and good eating spots, among others. Well, these are the top 10 things to do in Nice, France.

Take a Walk in the Promenade des Anglais

In English, the Promenade des Anglais means “the English Walkway”. It is one of the things that bring thousands of tourists to Nice on a regular basis. This super-wide boardwalk is located right along the Mediterranean. It not only extends for miles but also features access points down to the beaches. Although rocky, these beaches are stunning. At the Promenade des Anglais, people do lots of activities.

They walk, cycle, run, roller-blade, and watch. Watching is no doubt my favorite, though, I recommend that you try to do all the activities there are. These fun activities will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. Besides, the Promenade des Anglais has lots of restaurants and bars along the seaside. Here, you can relax while watching the waves do their thing. When you visit the Promenade des Anglais, make sure you reach Castle Hill. This place has a nice lookout spot that gives you a beautiful view of Nice.

Go for a Private Mediterranean Cruise

I find the sun and waves of the Mediterranean amazing, and I am sure you will as well. So, why not try Private Mediterranean Cruise when you visit Nice? This adventure gives you a few options for private boat tours. One of these is the one-hour private sunset cruise boat tour. Here, I got a chance to move around in a solar-powered boat. I sailed along the coast of France and passed lots of quaint villages as well as expansive villas.

Another boat tour option is the half-a-day boat excursion, which comes in handy when you want to host your own party. This tour gives you a chance to sail from Nice toward Monaco or Cannes. You will ride along the coast and admire all the beautiful villas. The boat excursion lasts approximately four hours, and it is exactly what you need if you visit Nice with a group of friends.

Visit Jardin Albert I

This is one of the places we never miss when we come to Nice. The Jardin Albert I has a wonderful greenspace in Nice with just about everything. This awesome place starts at the Promenade des Anglais and moves north and east where it hugs the edge of Old Town. There are several grassy areas at Jardin Albert I. Also, this place boasts multiple fun features that, no doubt, you will find amazing.

One of these features is an imaginative playground, which, in turn, has structures looking like sea creatures. Another one is a splashpad/fountain area, which is incredibly interactive and promises lots of fun. The Jardin Albert I also has various plants ranging from flowers to palm trees. These plants are both exotic and local. Some of the things I like to do when I visit Jardin Albert I is to wander through the garden and admire the exceptional surrounding it has to offer.

Rent a Bike Through Velo Blue

If you are looking for a hidden gem in Nice, then renting a bike through Velo Blue should be a frontier for you. This city-wide bike rental system is in Nice and the surrounding towns. It offers you a nice way to cruise and sightsee Nice. What I like about the system is that it is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is download the Velo Blue app on your smartphone prior to visiting Nice.

The downloading process includes inputting your credit card information and you are good to go. Once you get to Nice, use the app to find the closest available bike rental spot. After that, scan the QR code, and voila! You will be cruising Nice on a bike in no time. Once you are done, you can leave the bike in any open spot – not necessarily where you got it from.

Enjoy a Wine-tasting Adventure

A lot of things put France on the global map, and wine tasting is one of them. That being said, when we visited Nice, we were keen to know what wine tasting in France really feels like. France is known to produce some of the world’s best wines, and it has more than 27,000 wineries spread all over it. These wineries produce more than 200 varieties of wine, which is just unbelievable.

It goes without saying that if you are a wine enthusiast, visiting Nice for a wine-tasting adventure is worth considering. I went for a dedicated wine tasting and boy! Was I taken through a wide range of wine selections? These included rose, white, and red. I love wine tasting because you get to learn a lot. For example, through a wine tasting, you will get to know the region various wines come from, their notable features, as well as the production process used to create them.

Go to Marche Aux Fleurs

The market is one of those places that give us a feeling of belonging. We feel like we are true locals simply by going to the market and picking a few items. With that said, Marche Aux Fleurs is a place you should visit when you come to Nice. Known as the “Flower Market” in English, this beautiful place is where the locals come frequently to get their daily produce.

But, that is not enough; Marche Aux Fleurs also doubles up as a charming tourist destination. This means you can come here and pick some flowers for room decoration. What’s more, the flower market offers such items as olive oil, herbs, lavender products, and soaps. Well, you can buy these items and take them home as souvenirs. It is worth noting that the market is open every day but Monday.

Stroll in Port Lympia

Port Lympia or the Port of Nice may be much smaller compared to the nearby port, which is the Port of Marseille. However, do not let the size fool you, as this port is still one of the most crucial harbors in the French Mediterranean. Having said that, visiting Port Lympia is definitely one of the things to do in Nice. Lots of large and fancy yachts anchor here, making this port a stunning tourist destination for a yacht-loving person.

After visiting the Port of Nice, make sure you move west through Promenade. This road will lead you to a war memorial that looks impressive and is carved into the hill cliff. Here, you will come across the Monuments aux Morts or, in English, “the Monument of the Dead”. The monument serves as a living memory of those who died in World War I. If you come here on VE Day, which is May 8, you will witness war veterans perform a stirring tribute to their fallen comrades.

Explore La Colline Du Chateau

In our first point about what to do in Nice, we mentioned Castle Hill or La Colline Du Chateau. To access this point, you will have to walk east down the Promenade. At this point, the Promenade will start to curve up and out towards the sea before wrapping around a hill. Well, this hill is what is referred to as La Colline Du Chateau or Castle Hill. With lots of features to explore, Castle Hill is one of the best places to visit in Nice, France.

These features include the ruins of an old church, an old watch tower, and even a cemetery. Castle Hill also boasts fun features such as a park and a waterfall. Plus, it gives nice views out of the sea and over the city. Another good thing I noted about La Colline Du Chateau is that you can access it through both sides. These are from the Promenade via stairs and from the east side through the Port area.

Have Some Fun at the Beach

Hitting the beach, especially during summer, is one of the most memorable things you can ever do in Nice. With large swaths of beaches located along the Promenade, you will have plenty of space to choose from. Swimmers and sunbathers fill these beaches every summer to enjoy the refreshing Mediterranean water.

You can also visit the beaches of Nice during winter, fall, and spring. While, during these months, it is too chilly to swim comfortably on these beaches, you will still find something to do. And that is to enjoy the evening waves or admire the sunset. Moreover, you can have a picnic or share drinks. You should also note that Nice hardly gets extremely cold. Needless to say, its beaches are nice places to visit throughout the year.

Go Back in Time Through Old Town

One of the questions I ask myself before visiting a city is does it have an old town to explore. Perhaps, that explains why I really love going to Nice. Painted in yellow and orange hues, this city’s old town is absolutely gorgeous. Additionally, the Old Town has several restaurants that produce enticing smells, thereby, further making Old Town a wonderful place to be.

Old Town also has beautiful specialty shops on each of its corners. These shops cater to a wide range of tastes. Some sell provincial pottery, which you can buy and take back home as souvenirs. Furthermore, there are stores throughout Old Town’s winding streets. These stores sell spices, clothes, olive oil, locally made soaps, and herbs. When I visited Old Town, I realized that its feel is distinct from the other areas of Nice. For example, it is tighter and mainly features richer and darker colors. The rest of the city, on the other hand, feels airy, bright, and open.


The unofficial anthem of Nice is called “Nissa La Bella”. This anthem tells you everything about Nice. It shows how beautiful Nice is, among other things. Well, before you visit Nice, you might think that the anthem is kind of out of place. After all, Paris deserves the title “the most beautiful city in France”, right? While this is somewhat true, Nice is not far behind when it comes to France’s gorgeous cities. It has magnificent structures and, as mentioned earlier, features a laid-back vibe.

Nice is one of France’s best places to visit if you value tranquility. It is also worth visiting if you value culture. During our time here, we learned a lot just by visiting old tourist destinations like Old Town and Castle Hill. Additionally, the beaches of Nice are just on another level. These beaches stay relatively warm even during the winter months. As such, you can always come here and create unforgettable moments.

We finish this article by saying there are plenty of things to do in Nice, France. So, whether you love biking, going back in time by visiting historic places, or buying items from large markets, Nice is the place to come to. And that is because it has everything to make you happy and satisfied.