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Shirazi soliloquy

Shiraz, Iran

Shirazi soliloquy

Shiraz turns on its poetic charm and introduces Ryandall Lim to Iran’s history, culture and everyday life

A tale of long ago

Abyaneh, Iran

A tale of long ago

Ryandall Lim makes a day trip to Abyaneh in Central Iran, whose tribe of zesty old ladies are a testament to its enduring age

A journey through Iran

City of Shiraz, Iran

A journey through Iran

The country is opening up, but many places are still under-explored and authentic

Faces of Iran


Faces of Iran

Despite the forbidding image of Iran, the people are sophisticated, kind and full of zest

Understated Persian charm

Kashan, Iran

Understated Persian charm

Catherine Hostiani takes the road less travelled to Kashan to bask in its timeless and quiet beauty

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Chan Siew Lian immerses herself in a sensory experience of Northern Kansai in Japan

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