Things to Do in Dalian, China

Exploring the City

Dalian is a coastal city located in the South of Liaoning, China. It offers many attractions for travelers from nearby cities and other parts of the world. So whether you are looking for a city break, a cultural experience, or a getaway for quality time, Dalian has something for everyone.

Here are some of the best things to do in Dalian:

Visit the Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park

Located on the east side of Zhongshan District in Dalian, Liaoning Province, the Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The park offers a range of interactive and educational activities for people of all ages.

The park boasts a unique environment, featuring sweeping views of mountains and tranquil water scenes. Visitors can participate in various activities like bird watching and aquatic sports. Additionally, there are many fun attractions, such as an aquarium, dolphin show, coliseum, and roller coaster rides.

The aquarium is filled with marine animals and features special exhibits such as shark-feeding dives, fish-feeding underwater scooter rides, piranha tanks, and giant sea turtles. Visitors can also catch stunning views from the glass-bottomed boats or rent scooters to traverse the beachfront.

Visitors who want to enjoy thrilling, exciting rides can head to the coliseum and ride roller coasters like Wild Woody or Wheel Coaster, including humps, drops, and hairpin turn guaranteed to give visitors an adrenaline rush! Visitors also witness dolphins performing astounding tricks at an incredible live show held several times daily at Dolphin Performance Hall – from jumping hoops to painting with brushes attached to their noses!

The Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park provides visitors with an entertaining experience where they can enjoy breathtaking ocean views and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!

Take a Stroll through Xinghai Square

Xinghai Square, located in the heart of Dalian, is one of China’s most famous public squares. It was named after the country’s independence, and the square consists of an 11-meter-high sculpture and a fountain, with a beautiful flower garden in the center. It covers an area of 2 hectares (about 4 acres) and is an ideal place to relax and take a stroll. Visitors can also enjoy some spectacular architecture along the sea promenade.

On its eastern side, Xinghai Square features a shopping center with a wide selection of restaurants and souvenir shops. Here tourists can sample classic Chinese dishes or pick up some lovely gifts to take home from their trip to Dalian. Additionally, many performing arts shows are held in this area each month. The square also offers plenty of beautiful landscapes for visitors to explore:

  • Every summer, it is surrounded by lush greenery.
  • In winter, it’s turned into an illuminated snow festival that draws thousands of onlookers each year!

Explore the Dalian Modern Museum

Located in the heart of Dalian City, the Dalian Modern Museum is one of the city’s most popular attractions. This unique museum was designed to combine traditional Chinese architecture and culture with modern technology and display contemporary artworks from top international artists.

The permanent collections in the museum range from ancient relics to modern installations and are categorized into four major galleries:

  • Ancient Chinese Art Gallery
  • Chinese Calligraphy Gallery
  • Modern Art Gallery
  • Heritage Preservation Project

Each collection represents a different period, and each gallery features works by significant historical figures. Additionally, visitors can view special exhibitions featuring works from international artists like Mark Rothko or Laurinda Spear.

The museum also encourages cultural exchange through interactive programs, such as lectures, workshops, film screenings, and other annual cultural activities. As such, it has become a symbolic center for art galleries in Dalian that encourages creativity and dialogue between art professionals and audiences.

Outdoor Activities

Dalian, China, is a beautiful place to go for a vacation. There are plenty of activities to choose from, including outdoor activities. Whether you are into hiking, biking, or just exploring scenic views, Dalian has something for everyone. Discover the best outdoor activities and attractions to fill up your itinerary during your stay in Dalian:

Visit the Golden Pebble Beach

Golden Pebble Beach is one of the six significant attractions in Dalian city. Located on the southern coast of Chuanhai Bay and with a length of 54 kilometers, the beach is renowned for its bright golden-colored beach stones and stalactite caves that can be found along most of the eastern and western coastal lines.

The beach has various interactive activities, including canoeing, banana boating, power-assisted motor boating, kayaking, tubing, off-road jeep tours, and sky-high bungee jumps. The tour guides here are amiable and professional, giving visitors an enjoyable time with their loved ones and informing them about the fascinating sea life that can be spotted at this location.

Moreover, travelers should not miss out on visiting interesting places such as Glacier Square Plaza, which has an impressive 63 feet high sculpture open to public visit. Golden Field Amusement Park is nearby, providing an entire day’s worth of activities on sunshiny days ranging from smaller rides like ferris wheels to more daring roller coasters if you are willing to take up some grand adventure. All these seem ideal for a sunny outdoor family outing!

Go Hiking in Tiger Beach Park

Tiger Beach Park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and soak in the impressive views of Dalian’s rolling mountainside. Hiking in the park is a popular way to spend the day while taking in all this seaside resort offers. The main trails are well-marked and run through forests and along the coast, offering spectacular views of the ocean below. For those looking for a more accessible stroll, there are paved sidewalks along olive groves and plenty of outdoor activities.

Along with hiking trails, other outdoor activities in Tiger Beach Park include:

  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing
  • Diving
  • Sailing

Visitors can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas for lounging by the sea, or horseback safety training from professionals is offered near the park entrance. Leave enough time to explore Tiger Beach Park’s attractions before leaving this beautiful park – it’s sure to be a day you won’t forget!

Take a Boat Tour of the Harbor

Take the day to explore one of the oldest and most developed harbors in Northeast China. From a private boat tour, visitors enjoy a 360-degree view of the breathtaking architecture that lines this picturesque shoreline. Glide past famous sights such as Xinghai Square, Zhongshan Square, Liberation Tower, and People’s Park while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze from the ocean. Boat tours provide an idyllic escape from everyday life that your whole family can appreciate.

Browse different tour packages for time frame options ranging from half-day excursions to five-hour laps around the harbor’s islands. Enjoy snacks or drinks on board or have them catered in advance for a more intimate cruise experience with friends or family. Discover ways to appreciate nature and other iconic spots within this picturesque landscape with traditional Chinese fishing trips, giving you an authentic taste of culture directly from locals who use these waters daily.

Thatched boats will take you even farther back in time during a 72-hour stretch across Xiao Islet, where you can look out upon mountainous views, enjoy folk music festivals, and try home-cooked seafood delicacies sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Shopping and Eating

Dalian is a bustling port city on the northeast coast of China, and it has much to offer in the way of shopping and eating. There’s something for everyone, from bargain souvenirs to exquisite antiques, from traditional Chinese cuisine to modern fusion restaurants.

Let’s take a look at some of the best shopping and dining spots in Dalian:

Shop at the Friendship Store

The Dalian Friendship Store is one of the oldest shopping centers in Dalian City. It is situated only two minutes from the beautiful Tiger Beach and offers visitors an unforgettable shopping experience. In addition to various local goods, this large store includes international brands, designer boutiques, restaurants, a Chinese fast food counter, and much more.

The store’s ground floor features apparel, accessories, cosmetics, stationery, gifts, and toys. Visitors can find everything from traditional Chinese garments to international designer brands here, with both men’s and women’s fashion on offer.

The first floor has various restaurants serving cuisine worldwide for shoppers who want to enjoy a meal in between exploring the store. The second floor comprises a takeaway fast food counter offering quick snacks for those on-the-go and delicious restaurants for those who are more leisurely with their lunch hour. With so many delicious options inside, it’s easy to forget about the sunshine outside!

The third floor boasts an entire section dedicated to imported items and several stalls selling different kinds of souvenirs, such as traditional Chinese jewelry and rare antiques that you can take home as treasures from your time in Dalian City. The fourth floor serves as a leisure area where visitors can play video games or perhaps watch some local performances during their time there, guaranteeing something new each visit!

Enjoy Local Seafood at Binhai Seafood Street

Visitors of Dalian shouldn’t miss out on trying the famously fresh seafood from around Liaodong Bay. Instead, join the crowds at one of China’s greatest seafood free-for-alls – The Binhai Seafood Street!

Just outside the downtown Binhai district, this bustling seafood market stretches along a busy sidewalk, where vendors serve fish, crab, and shellfish steamed, fried, and grilled to perfection. Vendors hawk their products enthusiastically, and almost every stall has seating available to enjoy your purchases. Prices are low for unique dishes that you won’t be able to find elsewhere!

For something unique, be sure to try spicy crayfish boiled in a special broth which is popular among locals. Visitors can also try other classic dishes like boiled or grilled scallops, snails cooked with garlic and black beans, and squid tentacles marinated in spicy sauces. Customers can pick their favorite seafood at the market and have it cooked immediately at any nearby restaurant. Several other stalls offer prepared snacks, such as rice noodles drenched in flavorful sauces that contrast flavorsome spices and crunchy vegetables.

Grab some friends or family members and head over to Binhai Seafood Street for an unforgettable meal enjoyed by locals who know how scrumptiously fresh seafood should be served!

Visit the Dalian International Trade Center

The Dalian International Trade Center is a must-visit when in the city. It contains a giant shopping center, an outdoor entertainment area, and a bustling food court.

In this enormous mall, you can find products from all over the world, local specialties, and premium products from some of China’s biggest brands. In addition, the mall prides itself on its large selection of high-end clothing stores, shoe stores, and jewelry retailers where you can enjoy significant discounts.

The food court has multiple globally renowned restaurants offering snacks and meals to suit any taste or budget. From quick bites to formal dining options, there is something for everyone here.

If you still have energy after a full day of shopping, head to the outdoor entertainment area, which has a play zone for children and other activities for people of all ages, like mini golf and karaoke.


Dalian is one of the most vibrant cities in China, and its nightlife is one of the main draws. From night markets to exotic bars and pubs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the lively city of Dalian.

Whether you’re looking to have a few drinks with friends, explore the night markets, or party the night away at a club, there’s something for everyone in Dalian’s nightlife:

  • Night markets
  • Bars and pubs
  • Clubs

Visit the Dalian Beer Street

Located in Dalian, China, Dalian Beer Street is a unique hotspot full of local flavor. Opened in 1980, it is one of China’s earliest and largest nightlife streets. It stretches for 500 meters, with dozens of bars and eateries lining both sides of the street.

Hundreds of locals and tourists can crowd this festive street with its towering neon signs and pulsating music each night. It occupies four city streets with restaurants offering a variety of dishes from all over China as well as many popular international cuisines. Numerous stores also sell all kinds of beer, from imported to local microbrews.

The Dalian Beer Street is an exciting place to hang out in the evenings featuring live music, DJs spinning tunes, delicious food and drinks (and plenty of beer!). However, budget accordingly, as some venues have surprisingly high prices, especially for imported beverages like wine or cocktails. So dress comfortably and enjoy a night on one of China’s most popular beer streets!

Dance the Night Away at the Dalian Bar Street

No visit to Dalian is complete without a night out on the legendary Dalian Bar Street. Located in the coastal area of Xigang District, this vibrant street full of bars and clubs will keep you dancing into the early hours. It’s estimated that on an average weekend night, around 70,000 party-goers hit Dalian Bar Street – so grab your crew and prepare for a night to remember!

Dalian Bar Street boasts over 50 bars and clubs, with many offering spectacular bay views. Music styles range from live jazz and rock to modern EDM classics – perfect for creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Prices vary between venues, but most drinks are reasonably priced, and they offer some strong local brews such as Jinling beer – perfect for late nights over good conversation with friends. And don’t forget to try famous snacks such as Flammulina velutipes konjac cakes or beef flick wraps!

It’s best to get there before 9 pm or prepare to queue up; some clubs require reservations in advance, so be sure to call ahead if you plan on celebrating a special occasion. The area also has plenty of hotels nearby if you wish to spend the night close by. With 24-hour transportation services available from all areas near Xigang District, finding your way home will be accessible no matter what time it is when you finish your night out at Dalian Bar Street!

Catch a Show at the Dalian Grand Theatre

The Dalian Grand Theatre offers various shows, concerts, and yearly performances. So whether you’re interested in a classic musical, an acrobatics show, or a modern opera performance, you’ll be able to catch something awe-inspiring here. The theatre is one of the region’s major landmarks and is home to China’s most prominent stage.

No matter what show you see at the Dalian Grand Theatre, you’ll always be dazzled by the beautiful acoustics and state-of-the-art lighting equipment that make each performance unique. Inside this modern venue is a 2,100-seat auditorium that soars over three levels with beautiful decor and comfortable seating. The theatre also offers advanced audio systems from top music labels throughout China.

There’s something for everyone here, from Broadway bootlegs to world premieres at the Dalian Grand Theatre! It’s conveniently located in downtown Dalian and just a few minutes away from nearby restaurants and bars for those looking for pre or post-show drinks or dinner.