Things to Do in Montevideo, Uruguay


Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, has many sights to explore. The city offers something for everyone, from its vibrant nightlife to stunning architecture. So stroll along Plaza Independencia, visit museums, or explore the historic neighborhoods.

Here are some of the best sightseeing spots in Montevideo that you won’t want to miss:

Visit the Ciudad Vieja

The Ciudad Vieja (Old City) of Montevideo is the historic heart and soul of the city. Home to some of Uruguay’s most iconic historical sites, you will find immense amounts of culture and artistic expression in this part of town.

One of the main attractions in Ciudad Vieja is Plaza Independencia. This plaza is surrounded by iconic buildings such as the Solis Theater and Palacio Salvo. It also houses a mausoleum that holds the remains of General José Gervasio Artigas, one of Uruguay’s national heroes who fought for its independence from Spain in the early 1800s. Not far from Plaza Independencia, you will find Puerta de la Ciudadela, an archway built when Uruguay was granted independence from Brazil in 1828. Lastly, a visit to Ciudad Vieja would be incomplete without a visit to Teatro Solis – an iconic theater that has operated since 1856. It is one of South America’s oldest operating theaters and hosts incredible performances throughout the year, including plays, opera ballets, and classical concerts.

Ciudad Vieja also offers plenty to do during your stay in Montevideo beyond just historical attractions. You can walk down Sarandi Street or visit one of its many art galleries or cafes; these streets are full of energy and vibrancy no matter what time you decide to visit! So enjoy everything this unique part offers – a fantastic experience!

Explore the Rambla de Montevideo

The Rambla de Montevideo is a popular tourist attraction stretching more than 11 miles, following the city’s coastline. This scenic route allows visitors to enjoy the breathtaking Rio de la Plata view while experiencing beautiful architecture and parks.

Various places exist to discover activities, from the entrance to Montevideo harbor. Besides walking or biking along the promenade, tourists can visit Castillo Pittamiglio, stop at multiple plazas and squares for friendly competition with locals at the chess tables, or grab a quick bite in one of many restaurants, cafeterias and ice cream trucks along the way!

The unique features are scattered monuments honoring past leaders and several memorials dedicated to those who fell during wartime. Along with popular cultural attractions such as Feria Tristan Narvaja (an open-air market), El Prado (the largest park in Montevideo), Rambla 25 de Agosto (the most expansive area of path dedicated exclusively for pedestrian use), and the Estadio Centenario (the national soccer stadium), visitors are sure to have an unforgettable visit and gain knowledge about Uruguayan heritage.

Visit the Palacio Salvo

Palacio Salvo is one of Montevideo’s most recognizable and famous landmark buildings, standing prominently at the intersection of 18 de Julio Avenue and Plaza Independencia. The tallest structure in Uruguay was designed by architect Mario Palanti and completed in 1928.

This iconic art deco palace offers many views from the top of its 30-story tower, including unobstructed sights of the bay and downtown Montevideo. In addition, tourists can visit the top floor to marvel at stunning panoramas from both sides of the city.

The nearby Teatro Solis is a great place to check out a show after an afternoon of sightseeing at Palacio Salvo.


Montevideo, Uruguay, offers countless opportunities for shopping, ranging from modern malls to bustling street markets to colorful bazaars. Plenty of shopping can be done here for souvenirs, vintage items, artisan products, or everyday items.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular shopping destinations in Montevideo:

Visit the Mercado del Puerto

If you’re looking for unique souvenirs and experiences that represent Uruguayan culture and atmosphere, visiting the Mercado del Puerto is an absolute must. Located in the Old City neighborhood of downtown Montevideo, this vibrant market is filled with local artisans, craftsmen, and food vendors.

The atmosphere of the Mercado del Puerto is electric; street musicians (playing everything from traditional tango to Caribbean rhythms) fill the air with music while vendors peddle some of Uruguay’s best-known handicrafts – leather goods, pottery, jewelry, and locally made confections like dulce de leche. As a bonus, you can find almost any Uruguayan souvenir you need in this bustling marketplace.

On weekends beginning at 8 am (from Tuesday to Sunday), the entire Mercado del Puerto transforms into a massive outdoor culinary experience where food vendors serve delicious dishes like:

  • Asados (grilled meats)
  • Empanadas y pastelitos (fried pastries)
  • Choripán sandwiches
  • Chipa (a type of cheese-bread)

There are also freshly cooked seafood dishes available – make sure to try parrillada mixta if it sounds appealing.

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or want to take in the sights and sounds of Uruguay’s bustling capital city, plan to visit the Mercado del Puerto for an unforgettable experience!

Take a Stroll in the Tristán Narvaja Market

The Tristán Narvaja Market is one of the most popular attractions in Montevideo, Uruguay. Located in the city center, it is a vibrant marketplace where locals come to buy and sell goods from all around the country. On Saturdays and Sundays, it’s bustling with activity as people come to shop for fresh produce, handcrafted goods, antiques, books, jewelry, and more. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

The market is open from 8 am – 5 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. You can find everything from homegrown vegetables and fruits to leather goods and traditional Uruguayan handicrafts. The vendors are welcoming, so you can even bargain for a better price on items you’re interested in buying! As you wander through the market, take some time to appreciate the array of sights and sounds – this is Montevideo at its finest.

Stroll through the crowd-filled walkways of Tristán Narvaja Market while exploring all it offers. From local cuisine served by street vendors to outdoor exhibitions featuring traditional arts and crafts, there’s something here for everyone. Then, take a break at one of the bustling cafés or restaurants scattered throughout the area – there are plenty of people-watching opportunities here too!


Montevideo, Uruguay, is a vibrant city with a great food scene. From traditional Uruguayan fare to international flavors, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a romantic restaurant for a special occasion, a casual spot for lunch, or a lively bar for drinks, Montevideo has it all.

Let’s take a look at some of the best dining experiences in Montevideo:

Enjoy the Local Cuisine in Mercado del Puerto

Located in the Puerto district of Montevideo, Mercado del Puerto is home to some of the city’s most delectable local dishes. From its grand brick façade, this 19th-century market hall serves up dishes made from Uruguay’s famous beef and seafood.

Try the traditional Chivito sandwich – a giant steak sandwich with ham, cheese, and lettuce – or sample some of the other creative offerings such as cazuelas (tender beef slow-cooked in a clay pot), chirizo (a pork sausage), churrasco (barbequed steak strips) and ‘rakfels’ (rare deep-sea fish).

For something sweet afterward, you can’t go wrong with Panchos y flanes (soft fluffy doughnuts filled with vanilla custard or dulce de leche). With dozens of restaurants featuring Uruguayan cuisine, Mercado del Puerto should be at the top of your list when dining in Montevideo.

Try the Uruguayan Steak at La Pasiva

When looking for a classic comfort food in Montevideo, Uruguay, look no further than La Pasiva. This unassuming parrilla (grill) is an institution in the city, and it’s guaranteed to be an experience you won’t forget! The Uruguayan steak here is perfectly cooked and served with delicious sides like french fries and salad. A trip to La Pasiva should be on your Montevideo itinerary – if nothing else, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culinary culture.

The steak at La Pasiva is a signature Uruguayan dish and — as with most dishes from this meat-loving country — is simmered over low heat until it’s perfectly tender. If you want to enjoy the whole Uruguayan experience, ask for your steak rare or medium rare — this allows the natural flavor of the beef to shine through without overwhelming the tastes of other seasonings or added sauces. Paired with sides like french fries and simple greens, a meal at La Pasiva promises an authentic taste of Uruguay that you can’t find anywhere else!

If you’re visiting Montevideo, try out some of the local fares at La Pasiva. Not only will you get a delicious plate of steak – you’ll be able to experience Uruguayan culture firsthand!

Sample the Seafood at La Huella

Located inside the stylish Parador La Huella overlooking the famed Brava Beach, this seafood-forward restaurant allows you to sample some of the best dishes that Uruguayan cuisine has to offer. La Huella’s wood-fired grill is masterfully used to prepare a wide selection of seafood caught right off the nearby waves, including local favorites such as merluza negra (black hake) and centolla (king crab).

For those who love lighter fare, don’t miss out on La Huella’s famous ceviche or empañadas.

For something extra special before or after your meal, consider indulging in a unique-to-Uruguay pisco sour cocktail – a blend of grape brandy, lime juice, and egg whites. Then, if you’re still hungry after your meal, be sure also to try out some of Uruguay’s famous dulce de leche desserts – one bite will make you want these sweet treats for days afterward.

With its unbeatable views and fresh ocean fare, La Huella is truly an unforgettable dining experience in Montevideo!


Montevideo, Uruguay, offers various entertainment activities for visitors and locals alike. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife and rich culture, with multiple bars, restaurants, and nightclubs offering something for everyone. Additionally, there are numerous theaters, live music venues, and art galleries for those looking to take in some culture.

Keep reading to find out more about the entertainment options available in Montevideo:

Catch a Show at Teatro Solís

Teatro Solís is an iconic performance venue in downtown Montevideo and is considered one of Latin America’s finest opera houses. It was built in 1856 and spans three stories; the theater is a proud testament to Uruguay’s history and culture, hosting world-class performances ranging from opera, music, and theater to dance, literature, lectures, and film.

Visitors to the theater will be welcome with ornate Italian frescos, intricately painted walls, and balconies lined with historical restoration photography. Yet, the feeling in the majestic main theater remains as it did all those years ago when it was first built.

Teatro Solís is Montevideo’s cultural magnet year-round; along with its extensive program of international artists, it has been the backdrop for soccer matches, art shows, youth activities, and festivals – a must-go-to place when visiting Uruguay’s capital.

Take in a Football Match at Estadio Centenario

If you’re looking for the true spirit of Uruguay, taking in a football match is a must-do while visiting Montevideo. Located in the charming historic district of Parque Batlle, Estadio Centenario is known as one of South America’s most beautiful stadiums and can seat up to 75,000 passionate fans. The stadium opened in 1930 and hosted the first ever FIFA World Cup™ final – which marked the first time an international event of this size was held outside Europe or North America. It remains a popular tourist attraction with breathtaking views from all sectors and stands.

The national team, La Celeste (the Sky Blues), is arguably one of the greatest footballing nations ever to play the game, winning two FIFA World Cup™ tournaments (1930 as hosts & 1950) and two Copa Americas in consecutive years (2011 & 2015). Moreover, they are often led by star players such as Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani, who have graced some of Europe’s biggest clubs, such as Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC. So if you have time over your stay, you owe it to yourself to buy tickets to one of these thrilling fixtures.

Enjoy the Nightlife in Punta Carretas

Punta Carretas is a popular destination for anyone looking for a night on the town, just a stone’s throw away from Montevideo. Boasting some of the best pubs and clubs in the country, this area is filled with places to dance, drink, and have fun with friends or locals. So whether you prefer to lay back and enjoy cabaret shows or get wild and lose yourself in music – Punta Carretas has something for everyone.

The atmosphere here is energetic and vibrant – precisely what you might expect from an exciting night on the town. While plenty of upscale clubs offer VIP memberships, regular admission tickets are still highly accessible. And you certainly don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy all this area has to offer – plenty of pubs where you can mingle with locals while throwing back a few beers.

Some highlights include:

  • Sala de Fiestas Chiquito de la Calzada hosts weekly cabaret shows and themed parties.
  • La Casa de los Ingenios features live music performances in rooms decorated with vintage decor and antiques.

Once the lights appear at 3 am, take a short stroll up Juan Bautista Alberdi, where your night can keep going! Generally speaking, Punta Carretas provides an unbeatable experience for anyone who wants an unforgettable night out in Montevideo.